University of Connecticut

Preliminary Plan of Study

Following your admission to the University Scholar Program, you must submit a Preliminary Plan of Study. The Preliminary Plan of Study Form outlines all of the courses you plan to take until your graduation and must be signed by each of your three faculty advisory committee members. The deadline for submission is the last week day of January of the year following admission to the program.

Changes to the Preliminary Plan of Study

There are many reasons to revise a plan of study: a time conflict, a course you intended to take is not being offered, you find other courses that you would rather take, and so on.

If you modify one or more classes indicated on your Preliminary Plan of Study, you must select another course of equal or greater rigor and relevance to your University Scholar project.

In most cases, your faculty advisory committee must approve any changes. To make a course substitution, you must obtain permission from your advisory committee before making the substitution. You must also obtain members’ signatures on the Plan of Study Revision Form and submit it to Rowe 403 (IISP office) by the last day of the semester when the course(s) are taken.

There are two exceptions:

  1. Substituting a class for General Education credit with another class that is not on the approved list: You must obtain permission from the University Scholar Oversight and Selection Committee by submitting the Plan of Study Revision Form to Rowe 403 (IISP office).
  2. Engineering students wishing to substitute classes in engineering: If you are an engineering student, you must submit the Plan of Study Revision Form to the following bodies for signatures before submitting the form to the Honors Program:
    • Advisory Committee
    • School of Engineering Advising Office
    • Your department head
    • The Engineering Dean’s Office