2019 University Scholars

Congratulations to the 2019 University Scholars!


Marlene Abouaassi

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology and Sociology
Project Title: Study of Putative Niche Adapting Operon in Microbes Inhabiting the Gut of Blood Digesting Animals
Committee: J. Peter Gogarten, Molecular and Cell Biology (chair); Joerg Graf, Molecular and Cell Biology; Simon Cheng, Sociology


Luke Anderson

Major: Anthropology and Nutritional Sciences
Project Title: Cultural Food Habits as a Social Factor of Health Among Iraqi Migrants in Malmö, Sweden: A Focused Ethnographic Study
Committee: Pamela Erickson, Anthropology (chair); Michael Puglisi, Nutritional Sciences; Kathryn Libal, Human Rights Institute


Sarah Arnett

Major: Cognitive Science and Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
Project Title: Evaluating the Verbal Language Use of People with Aphasia in Non-Clinical Settings: A Feasibility Study Using LENA Technology
Committee: Jennifer Mozeiko, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (chair); Nairan Ramirez-Esparza, Psychological Sciences; Carl Coelho, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences and Cognitive Science


Klarita Doci

Major: Physiology and Neurobiology
Project Title: Differential Effects Between Epilepsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder KCNQ2 Pathogenic Variants
Committee: Anastasios Tzingounis, Physiology and Neurobiology (chair); Daniel Mulkey, Physiology and Neurobiology; Randall Walikonis, Physiology and Neurobiology


Caitlin Foster

Major: Biological Sciences
Project Title: The Genetic Architecture of Pollinator-Associated Floral Traits in Monkey Flowers
Committee: Yaowu Yuan, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (chair); Pamela Diggle, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Bernard Goffinet, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Chelsea Garcia

Major: Nutritional Sciences
Project Title: The Effects of Bacterial Lipid, Lipid 654, on Neuroinflammation
Committee: Christopher N. Blesso, Nutritional Sciences (chair); Alison B. Kohan, Nutritional Sciences; Ji-Young Lee, Nutritional Sciences


Ariane Garrett

Major: Biomedical Engineering and Spanish
Project Title: Development of a Novel Cerebral Spinal Fluid Shunt to Measure Flow
Committee: Kazunori Hoshino, Biomedical Engineering (chair); Sabato Santaniello, Biomedical Engineering; Gustavo Nanclares, Literatures, Cultures, and Languages


Analyse Giordano

Major: Allied Health Sciences
Project Title: Increasing the Longevity of Fully Implantable Continuous Glucose Monitors Using Biocompatible Ceramic Nanoparticles and Nanotexturing
Committee: Steven L. Suib, Institute of Material Sciences and Chemistry (chair); Jessica Rouge, Chemistry; Valerie B. Duffy, Allied Health Sciences


CarsonLee Harper

Major: English and History
Project Title: Reimagining Medieval Scandinavia Through Historical Fiction
Committee: Ellen Litman, English (chair); Frederick Biggs, English; Sherri Olson, History


Kara Heilemann

Major: Pathobiology and Nutritional Sciences
Project Title: Novel Antimicrobial Peptide Site-Specific Activation by Proteolytic Cleavage
Committee: Alfredo Angeles-Boza, Chemistry (chair); Paulo Verardi, Pathobiology; Yanchao Luo, Nutritional Sciences


Saurabh Kumar

Major: Physiology and Neurobiology
Project Title: Developmental Changes to Brain Stem Cell Niche in Fetal-Onset Hydrocephalus
Committee: Joanne Conover, Physiology and Neurobiology (chair); Thomas Peters, Computer Science and Engineering; David Goldhamer, Molecular and Cell Biology


Emmalyn Lecky

Major: Psychological Sciences and Biological Sciences
Project Title: Evaluating the Neuroprotective Effects of Pharmacologic Hypothermia on Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury: An Animal Model
Committee: Ephraim Trakhtenberg, Neuroscience, UConn Health (chair); Joanne Conover, Physiology and Neurobiology; Ian Stevenson, Psychological Sciences


Daniel McCloskey

Major: Anthropology
Project Title: Brothers as Men: Masculinity, Homosociality, and Men’s Violence among Fraternity Men
Committee: Jocelyn Linnekin, Anthropology (chair); Daisy Reyes, Sociology; Françoise Dussart, Anthropology


Susan Naseri

Major: Political Science and Human Rights
Project Title: From War to Civilian Life: Evaluation of Integration Policies for Urban Refugees in Amman, Jordan
Committee: Kathryn Libal, Human Right Institute (chair); Jennifer Sterling-Folker, Political Science; Cathy J. Schlund-Vials, English and Asian and Asian American Studies


Grace Nichols

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Project Title: Understanding Tinnitus at the Electrophysiological Level
Committee: Douglas Oliver, Neuroscience, UConn Health (chair); Monty Escabi, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Charles Giardina, Molecular and Cell Biology


Alexander Oddo

Major: Chemistry
Project Title: The Design of Bio-derived Solar Technology: Coupling Protein Hydrogels to Light Harvesting Upconversion Systems
Committee: Challa V. Kumar, Chemistry (chair); Tomoyasu Mani, Chemistry; Gaël Ung, Chemistry


Kathleen Renna

Major: Diagnostic Genetic Sciences
Project Title: Evaluation of Integrin Gene Classifications and Developmental Age Differences in Gene Activity toward Understanding the Process of Axon Regeneration
Committee: Ephraim Trakhtenberg, Neuroscience, UConn Health (chair); Judy Brown, Allied Health Sciences; Kenneth Campellone, Molecular and Cell Biology


Srishti Sadhir

Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Anthropology
Project Title: An Archaeological Study of Human Hunting Adaptations to Climate Change at Wadi Madamagh, Jordan
Committee: Natalie Munro Anthropology (chair); Richard Sosis, Anthropology; Susan Z. Herrick, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Ekaterina Skaritanov

Major: Physiology and Neurobiology
Project Title: The Role of the Transcription Factor Pointed in Drosophila Ovulation
Committee: Jianjun Sun, Physiology and Neurobiology (chair); Barbara Mellone, Molecular and Cell Biology; Akiko Nishiyama, Physiology and Neurobiology


Daniel Yu

Major: Exercise Science
Project Title: Mechanisms of Statin Effects on Muscle and Neuronal Proteostasis
Committee: Elaine C. Lee, Kinesiology (chair); Beth Taylor, Kinesiology; Theodore Rasmussen, Pharmaceutical Science;  Paul O. Thompson, Medical Sciences