Graduating as a University Scholar

Plan and Project Completion

To graduate as a University Scholar, you must successfully complete all coursework outlined in your Learning Plan and any revised plans of study you submitted.  You must also successfully complete your University Scholar Project. The following is required:

  • Submission of your Final Plan of Study  and its approval by all members of your advisory committee. Due: the second week of classes of your graduation semester.
  • Submission of your project and its approval by all members of your advisory committee. Due: the last day of classes of your graduation semester, submitted here for review and approval by your advisory committee.
  • The University Scholar Program follows the same extension policy as the Honors Program. If your University Scholar project is also your Honors thesis, then you must submit your project twice, once for the University Scholar Program and once for the Honors Program.


As a graduating University Scholar, you are required to present your research in a public forum at the Frontiers in Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition in October or April of your senior year.

You are also required to submit a University Scholar project report to the Honors Program’s thesis repository in the University’s Open Commons. If the project is proprietary, or if for any reason you do not wish to publish the work or wish to delay publication, you may request a waiver of this requirement from the University Scholar Program Coordinator.

Medals Ceremony

Your graduation as a University Scholar will be recognized at the annual Honors Medals Ceremony, generally held the Saturday before finals week of the spring semester. At that ceremony, you will receive a medal indicating your status as a University Scholar. (If you are also an Honors Scholar, you will be recognized twice and presented with two different medallions.) Your achievement will also be noted in the Commencement Program.