Faculty Roles

Faculty are a core element of the University Scholar Program. They are advisors and subject experts, helping ensure that University Scholar learning plans are challenging and that project plans reflect independent thinking, creativity, and originality. Your level of involvement may be as simple as being a resource or more in-depth as a member or chair of the student’s advisory committee. (See advisory committee for the advice students receive regarding constituting this committee.)

Faculty also serve on the Oversight and Selection Committee.

Serving on a Student’s Advisory Committee

The members of a student’s advisory committee will differ in their involvement in the student’s project and learning plans, with the chair typically more heavily involved than the secondary members. In order to serve on a student’s advisory committee, faculty should be

  • A full-time faculty member. At least one member of the student’s advisory committee must be tenured or tenure-track and the advisory group should have representation from the student’s major(s).
  • Available during the duration of the student’s final three semesters.
  • Knowledgeable in at least one field incorporated into the student’s learning plan.
  • Willing to advise and guide the student through the application process, including reviewing requests for substitutions (See application overview and application instructions for further details on the application process.)
  • If serving as chair or a second advisor, willing to submit a faculty evaluation form. For details on the questions asked on this form go to application instructions.
  • Willing to supervise and/or evaluate the student’s University Scholar project (The chair will be the primary supervisor of the project and all committee members will review the deliverable and decide whether it meets University Scholar Program expectations)
  • Available to meet regularly with the student to review their progress (See student responsibilities for suggestions regarding regularity of meetings.)
  • Willing to advise on challenges and possible modifications to the project and learning plans or, if deemed necessary, advise on withdrawal from the Program

A Note on the Role of the Advisory Committee in Substitution Requests

By agreeing to serve as an advisor and by signing a student’s application (and any subsequent plan of study forms), advisory committee members are endorsing any General Education substitution requests proposed by the student. The University Scholar Oversight Committee approves or denies such requests at admission.

By agreeing to serve as an advisor and by signing a student’s application (and any subsequent plan of study forms), the advisor representing the student’s major department on the advisory committee is approving any requests for major substitutions proposed by the student. Admission to the UScholar Program formalizes that substitution.

The University Scholar Program and the Honors Program are grateful to all faculty members who participate on any level with this important program. Please feel free to contact us with questions, advice, and/or comments regarding any part of the process.