University Scholar Responsibilities

University Scholar Project

University Scholar projects have involved lab research, archival and survey research, textual analysis, theatrical productions, creative writing, and more. Whatever the ultimate format of your project, your final deliverable must include a written component. If your project is something such as a work of art, a theatrical production, a computer program, or an engineering design, you must also submit an essay that documents your process.

Your deliverable must be approved by all the members of your advisory committee. You should complete your work in a timely fashion to allow your advisors ample opportunity to review and request modifications. If your project is not deemed acceptable by your faculty committee, you may delay graduation or withdraw from the Program.

Plan of Study Revisions and Final Plan of Study

The plan of study (learning plan form) you submitted at the time of your application serves as your preliminary plan of study. If you need to make changes to the courses in your preliminary plan of study, you will need to submit a plan of study revision form. This form must be approved by all the members of your advisory committee. Please see Making Changes.

You must submit a final plan of study during the last week of classes of the semester before you plan to graduate. Your final plan of study must be approved by all the members of your advisory committee. Your final plan of study records the courses you completed during your time as a University Scholar. Please make sure that it matches your transcript precisely. The form and the submission portal are available on the Forms page.

Policies for Completing Plan of Study Forms

Communication with the Faculty Advisory Committee

As a University Scholar, you are expected to consult regularly with your faculty advisory committee regarding your project and plan of study. The Program recommends that you schedule a group meeting with your faculty committee soon after admission. This provides an opportunity to discuss in detail the expectations the faculty has for your University Scholar project. You should then agree to a pattern of work and meetings for the next three semesters.

The Program recommends that you meet with the chair of your faculty advisory committee on a monthly basis and with the whole committee at least once a semester. More regular meetings with secondary members may be warranted if you are doing interdisciplinary work or work that is linked to the expertise of more than one of your faculty advisors.

Be sure to confer regularly with your faculty advisors during your final semester. Give your advisors plenty of time to review draft(s) of your project and provide you with feedback. If your project involves a performance or an exhibition, notify your faculty advisors well in advance of the date, time, and location.

Presentation of Project

During your senior year, you are required to present results of your project at the Frontiers of Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition, either in October or April. You may also present at the Exhibition in your junior year, but that is not a requirement.

Open Commons

A University Scholar is required to submit a University Scholar project report to the Honors Program’s thesis repository, the Open Commons. If the project is proprietary, or if for any reason you do not wish to publish the work or wish to delay publication, you may request a waiver of this requirement from the University Scholar Program Coordinator.