Advisory Committee

The Role of Your Committee

To apply for the University Scholar Program, you must identify three full-time UConn faculty members to serve as your advisory committee. The committee:

  • Is responsible for determining if your coursework meets the standard of rigor and ambition to merit receiving your degree(s) in your major(s)
  • Oversees and advises on your project and learning plan to ensure that they reach the caliber of the University Scholar distinction

Selecting Your Committee

You should select faculty members with expertise in the field(s) you plan to pursue during your project and include in your learning plan.

  • All members must be full-time faculty and at least one faculty member must be tenured or tenure-track.  Note: Adjunct faculty, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and professional staff may be helpful resources and may advise you informally, but they may not serve on your advisory committee.
  • One faculty member must be from your major department even if your project is not directly relevant to your major.
  • If you have more than one major or are pursuing an additional degree, all major departments must be represented.
  • Your major(s) must be represented on your committee because your advisory committee is responsible for ensuring that you have met the requirements for graduation.

One member of your committee will serve as chair. This is typically the faculty member who will be supervising your University Scholar project and learning plan most closely, though other members of your advisory committee will also review your progress and advise you.

Two of your committee members will complete faculty evaluations as part of the application process. More information is available on the Instructions page.

Finding Committee Members

Your committee will offer guidance and support during your application process (including conceptualizing proposal ideas and drafting your application) and throughout the duration of your project. You may have three faculty members already in mind, but it is okay if you do not. If you are not sure how to begin locating appropriate faculty members, you can:

  • Search faculty websites within departments that are relevant to your research interests. Consider faculty at all the UConn campuses. Faculty with the most appropriate expertise for your project may be located at a campus that is not your home campus.
  • Contact prior instructors for leads on potential advisors
  • Contact your departmental Honors advisor or your current advisor for advice

Information for faculty planning to serve on a student’s advisory committee