University Scholar Timeline

Prospective University Scholars

Thurs. April 6, 2017: Information session for current sophomores (First-year students also welcome!) (4:30-5:30 pm, Laurel Hall 305)
Wed. April 12, 2017: Information session for current sophomores (First-year students also welcome!) (12:20-1:10 pm, Laurel Hall 305)
Summer 2017: Contact at least one faculty member to discuss ideas for your project and read relevant scholarship
Mon. Sept. 11, 2017: Letter of Intent due (no later than midnight, via Qualtrics survey)
New Day: Tues. Sept. 19, 2017: University Scholar Proposal Preparation Workshop (4-5 pm,  New Location LH 302)
Wed. Sept. 26, 2017: Joint Office of Undergraduate Research & University Scholar workshop: Exploring Research Opportunities in the Social Sciences and Humanities, (5-6 pm LH 201) Sophomores and first years especially welcome.
Mon. Nov. 6, 2017: University Scholar application due  no later than 4:00 p.m., Rowe 419.  (Including one copy of University Scholar Faculty Evaluation Form, in a sealed and signed envelope)
Fri. Dec. 22, 2017: Applicants will be notified of Selection Committee’s decision

Newly Selected University Scholars

Jan. 24, 2018: Mandatory orientation meeting, Laurel Hall 110, 3:35-4:25 p.m.
Jan. 29, 2018: Preliminary Plan of Study due in Rowe 419
Jan. 29, 2018: Email a 100-word description of your University Scholar Project and brief bio to be used for publicity purposes

Current University Scholars

Sept. 2017: Fall Frontiers Poster Exhibition Application opens (seniors are required to present at either the Fall or Spring Frontiers Poster Exhibition)
Oct. 25, 2017: Fall Frontiers in Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition at Wilbur Cross, 5-7 pm
Dec. 8, 2017: Final Plan of Study Form due for seniors planning on graduating in 2017
March xx, 2018: Frontiers Poster Exhibition Application due (seniors are required to present at either the Fall or Spring Poster Exhibition)
March xx, 2018: Fill out brief bio for Medals presentation
April 13-14, 2018: Frontiers in Undergraduate Research Poster Exhibition at Wilbur Cross
April 27, 2018: University Scholar Project with Project Approval and Committee Confirmation form (and Honors Scholar Thesis Approval form, if applicable) due for graduating seniors. The University Scholar Program follows the same extension policies as the Honors Program
Sunday, April 29, 2018: Medals Ceremony