Changing a University Scholar Project or Plan of Study

When you develop your University Scholar proposal, you should think broadly and realistically about your proposed project and coursework, including possible challenges you may encounter. However, you may eventually still experience an unavoidable hurdle that impedes your progress and that requires that you make changes.

Plan of Study Changes

Class conflicts, new course offerings and other unpredictable course matters mean that plan of study changes are fairly common. If you wish to substitute one or more classes indicated on your Learning Plan form, you must select another course of equal or greater rigor and relevance to your University Scholar project. See Policies for Completing Plan of Study Forms for guidance.

To make such a course substitution, you must discuss these changes with your advisory committee in advance.  To obtain their formal approval:

    • Fill out the Plan of Study Revision Form by the last day of the semester when the course(s) are taken.
    • Upload the form for online approval using the link provided on the Forms page.

Additional approvals may be necessary in some circumstances:

  • Substituting a class for General Education credit with another class that is not on the approved list: Besides obtaining the endorsement of your advisory committee, you will also need the approval of the University Scholar Oversight and Selection Committee.
    • Fill out the General Education substitution part of the Plan of Study Revision Form.
    • Upload the form for online approval by your advisory committee using the link provided on the Forms page.
    • The University Scholar Program coordinator will confer with the Oversight and Selection Committee and inform you of their decision.
  • Engineering students wishing to substitute classes in engineering: If you are an engineering student, you must submit the Plan of Study Revision Form to the following bodies for signatures before submitting the form to the University Scholar Program:
    • Advisory Committee
    • School of Engineering Advising Office
    • Your department head
    • The Engineering Dean’s Office

Confer with the University Scholar Program coordinator to determine the best way to document these approvals.

Project Changes

In the case of your project, examples of substantial hurdles might include funding issues or a travel warning that prohibits going to a planned destination.

Any problems should be immediately brought to your advisory committee. Together you will plan modifications to your current project or initiate a new University Scholar project.

  • For minor modifications, you should consult with your advisory committee.
  • For substantial modifications, you must send a letter to the University Scholar Program describing the changes you plan to make and obtain the approval of all members of your advisory committee. The revised proposal will require the approval of the University Scholar Program.

If you are unable to develop an appropriate revised/new project, you may have to withdraw from the program. Before considering this step, please consult with your advisory committee.

Withdrawal from the Program

In rare cases, if a University Scholar is unable to arrive at an alternate project that is acceptable to the advisory committee, they will need to withdraw from the program. The student must first consult with their advisory committee to obtain members’ input regarding whether withdrawal is an appropriate step.

To withdraw, the University Scholar would contact the coordinator of the University Scholar Program to indicate the decision. The withdrawal letter may be submitted electronically to the coordinator of the University Scholar Program.

The student would then complete a regular plan of study for their major.