Advanced Degrees

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Considering a Master’s Degree at UConn?

Before making a decision you should:

  • contact the graduate director of the master’s program you wish to pursue to learn more about the expectations and requirements of the program
  • discuss with your University Scholar Advisory Committee and the graduate director of the master’s program whether pursuing the master’s degree is a logical step toward your academic goals
  • consider the feasibility of completing the master’s degree in the context of your overall commitments

If you wish to pursue a master’s degree you will need to apply to and be accepted by the graduate program of your choice. The Graduate School website includes information on applying.

The Benefits

University Scholars who choose to pursue a master’s degree at UConn enjoy two important benefits:

  1. A waiver of the UConn Graduate School application fee (please e-mail to request an application fee waiver; please state that you are a University Scholar)
  2. Include graduate coursework taken as an undergraduate toward their master’s degree, subject to certain conditions:
    • Like all undergraduates at UConn, University Scholars are eligible to apply up to 12 credits of graduate coursework taken while an undergraduate at UConn and used to meet the student’s undergraduate degree to the plan of study for a graduate master’s degree, provided (1) the courses are required courses for that graduate master’s degree  (i.e., they are not electives), or (2) the courses have been approved for credit sharing for that graduate master’s degree program by the Executive Committee of The Graduate School.  (See the credit-sharing rule in the Plans of Study section in Academic Regulations in the Graduate Catalog for complete information.)
    • In addition, University Scholars enjoy the privilege of applying additional graduate-level courses (beyond the 12 credit-sharing rule, explained above) to their graduate master’s degree provided the following conditions are met: .
      • The student’s grades are B- or higher
      • The courses are approved as part of a graduate plan of study
      • The courses are not used to fulfill baccalaureate requirements


If you are interested in combining undergraduate and graduate work, you should be in close contact with

  • the faculty and graduate director of the program you wish to pursue for department-specific application expectations and deadlines as well as the degree requirements of the master’s program
  • Staff at the Graduate School:
  • Staff at the Registrar’s office responsible for Degree Audit for the Graduate School
    • Sandra Cyr: (860) 486-8495 for administrative matters such as transfer of credits from your undergraduate to your graduate record

University Scholars should apply for admission to graduate school in the final semester of their undergraduate career.

If you satisfy the requirements for the bachelor’s and the master’s degree at the same time, then both degrees will be awarded on the same day. If you have additional coursework to complete for the master’s after the bachelor’s has been awarded, you will become a graduate student for the next term.

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