2021 University Scholars

Congratulations to the 2021 University Scholars!

Amy Backal

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Project Title: The Effect of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) on the Tongue
Committee: David Goldhamer, Molecular and Cell Biology (chair); Aoife Heaslip, Molecular and Cell Biology; and Rachel O’Neill, Molecular and Cell Biology.


William Brydon

Major: Chemistry
Project Title: Electrifying Chemistry: Taking ACT-ion in Sustainable Synthesis
Committee: Nicholas Leadbeater, Chemistry (chair); Rachel O’Neill, Molecular and Cell Biology; and Mark Peczuh, Chemistry.


Suzannah De Almeida

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Project Title: Novel Epigenetic Therapeutics of Opioid Use Disorder
Committee: Gregory Sartor, Pharmaceutical Sciences (chair); Nathaniel Rickles, Pharmacy Practice; and Barbara Mellone, Molecular and Cell Biology.


Matan Doron

Major: Biological Sciences and Individualized: Science, Medicine, and Ethics
Project Title: Soul Searching: A Reflection on Breath, Body, and Spirit
Committee: Sarah Willen, Anthropology (chair); Lewis Gordon, Philosophy; Dan Mulkey, Physiology and Neurobiology; and Regina Barreca, English.


Johann Heupel

Major: Maritime Studies and Marine Sciences
Project Title: Historical Development of Railways and Marsh Ecology
Committee: Jamie Vaudrey, Marine Sciences (chair); Matthew McKenzie, History; and Mary Bercaw Edwards, English.


Kathryn Krocheski

Major: Art History
Project Title: Ottoman and Tudor England Political Relations through the Lens of Artistic Production
Committee: Kathryn Moore, Art and Art History (chair); Michael Orwicz, Art and Art History; Kenneth Gouwens, History.


Maria Latta

Major: Doctor of Pharmacy
Project Title: Drugs, Information, and Innovation: How Can Pharmacists Improve Patient Knowledge of Opioids?
Committee: Nathanial Rickles, Pharmacy Practice (chair); Tiffany Kelley, Nursing; and David Noble, Management.


Katherine Lee

Major: Structural Biology/Biophysics
Project Title: Computational Investigations into Binding Dynamics of Tau Protein Antibodies: Using Machine Learning and Biophysical Models to Build a Better Reality
Committee: Eric May, Molecular and Cell Biology (chair); Adam Zweifach, Molecular and Cell Biology; Yongku Cho, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.


Fiona Liu

Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Natural Resources and the Environment
Project Title: Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Groundwater Seeps across the Farmington River Network
Committee: Ashley Helton, Natural Resources and the Environment (chair); Beth Lawrence, Natural Resources and the Environment; and Chris Elphick, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.


Madelon Morin-Viall

Major: English
Project Title: Memory, Mourning, and Grief: Reading Hamlet in the Age of Coronavirus
Committee: Evelyn Tribble, English (chair); Patrick Hogan, English; Debapriya Sarkar, English.


Mehreen Pasha

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Project Title: When Problems Become Solutions: Harnessing the Osteogenic Capacity of Disease-Causing Stem Cells to Repair Bone Fractures
Committee: David Goldhamer, Molecular and Cell Biology (chair); Geoffrey Tanner, Physiology and Neurobiology; Adam Zweifach, Molecular and Cell Biology.


Seema Patel

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Project Title: Translesion Synthesis Inhibitors: A New Class of Cancer Chemotherapeutics
Committee: Kyle Hadden, Pharmaceutical Sciences (chair); Ashis Basu, Chemistry; and Charles Giardina, Molecular and Cell Biology.


Matthew Phillips

Major: Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and Psychological Sciences
Project Title: Exploring a Time-Based Perceptual Deficit in People Who Stutter: Behavioral & Electrophysiological Approaches
Committee: Emily Myers, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (chair); Gerry Altmann, Psychological Sciences; Erika Skoe, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences; and Nicole Landi, Psychological Sciences.


Mehak Sharma

Major: Chemistry
Project Title: The Development of a Proton Gradient Measuring Assay to Optimize the Production of Artificial Retina Implants for Patients with Retinal Degenerative Diseases
Committee: Caroline Dealy, Reconstructive Sciences (chair); Nicholas Leadbeater, Chemistry; Christian Brueckner, Chemistry.


Drew Tienken

Major: Environmental Science and Political Science
Project Title: Bacterial Community Composition and Denitrification: An Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Thin-Layer Placement Restoration in Coastal Connecticut Salt Marshes
Committee: Beth Lawrence, Natural Resources and the Environment (chair); Matthew Singer, Political Science; Kendra Maas, Microbial Analysis, Resources, and Services.


Nathan Wetherell

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Project Title: Optimization of Orbital Trajectories Using a Genetic Algorithm
Committee: Bryan Weber, Mechanical Engineering (chair); Cara Battersby, Physics; and Jonathan Trump, Physics.


Robert Williams

Major: Material Science and Engineering
Project Title: Improving Air Filtration of HEPA Filters via Graphene Application
Committee: Douglas Adamson, Chemistry (chair); Seok-Woo Lee, Material Science and Engineering; and Thomas Abbott, Molecular and Cell Biology.