Policies for Completing Plan of Study Forms

The Plan of Study is designed to ensure you remain on track with coursework during your final three semesters. Adhering to the points below will smooth the path to graduation.

The learning plan you submitted at the time of application lists the courses you intend to take during your final three semesters. If in subsequent semesters you need to make changes to your courses, you must fill out a plan of study revision form. A final plan of study form will be required for graduation.

  • Revised plans must have detailed explanations of any changes.
  • Any new requests to make substitutions for any requirements must be detailed on the plan of study revision form. Substitutions for major requirements must be approved by the faculty member on your advisory committee representing that major. Substitutions for general education requirements must be endorsed by your advisory committee and are then approved (or denied) by the University Scholar Oversight Committee.
  • If you are also graduating as an Honors Scholar, courses to be used toward Honors Scholar requirements  should be marked with an “H.”
  • If you are pursuing simultaneous bachelor’s and master’s degrees, then the courses to be used toward a master’s degree should be marked with an “M”. These courses may not count in the total number of credits toward your bachelor’s degree.
  • See the instructions on the forms page to determine where the form should be submitted.