The criteria that the University Scholar Oversight and Selection Committee will use to assess your application are as follows:

  • Overall Statement of Interests
    • Clarity and significance of questions the student intends to pursue
    • Evidence of self-reflective learning, curiosity, and engagement with multiple fields of study, methodologies, and/or points of view
    • Appropriate, feasible, and challenging overall goals
  • Learning Plan
    • Clear articulation of learning objectives
    • Appropriate and challenging course selection and other learning opportunities
    • Feasibility within time frame
  • Project Plan
    • Creativity, originality, and evidence of independent thinking
    • Significance of research/creative project and familiarity with the relevant literature
    • Clarity of project description, theoretical approach, and methodology
    • Feasibility within time frame and availability of resources
  • Overall Review of the Proposal
    • Clear integration of the components of the proposal
    • Challenging and rigorous proposal