You may propose substitutions for major requirements and/or general education requirements as part of your plan of study. You will need to list and provide a justification for these substitutions on the Substitution Request form.

The members of your advisory committee are responsible for determining that your overall learning plan is rigorous and fully grounds you in the content of your chosen major(s).  Their endorsement of your application indicates that they approve any proposed substitutions to major requirements and support any requests for general education substitutions. Selection as a University Scholar formalizes any major substitutions requested.

Any proposed substitutions to the general education requirements will be considered by the University Scholar Oversight and Selection Committee. The Oversight and Selection Committee’s decision to approve or deny any general education substitution requests will be conveyed in the admissions letter.

Important note: If you are majoring in a program with strict certification and/or accreditation regulations (such as engineering, nursing or education), you may need to continue to meet all major and general education requirements as determined by your school or college. It is your responsibility to discuss this with your advisor and advisory committee.